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Building Blocks of Growth Flash Cards

APEA’s Building Blocks of Growth: A Color-Coded Guide to Birth Through Age 21 is a toolkit that helps NP students and practicing NPs learn and retain key information about pediatric growth and development. The Building Blocks of Growth are available as two products: flash cards and the Guide to Growth & Development. These can be purchased individually or bundled as a pair (the Building Blocks Bundle).

Flash Cards

The Building Blocks of Growth Flash Cards assess knowledge about the milestones of pediatric growth and development. Each flashcard is created on colored cardstock corresponding to age and developmental task. For example, yellow cards feature questions about fine motor skills, red cards feature questions about physical development, and pink cards feature questions about newborn and infant reflexes.

More than 150 flashcards are included. Six cards are printed on each sheet in the flashcard pack, and the cards are detached easily along the preprinted perforations.

Use the flashcard questions to build and retain knowledge, just as you did as a child!


Two important notes about the content in the Building Blocks of Growth:

  • Ninety percent of infants, toddlers, and children achieve the tasks or skills at the age denoted on the summary sheets and flashcards.
  • The information on the summary sheets and flashcards reflect the research and review of multiple authorities on growth and development, including the American Academy of Pediatrics Bright Futures program, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Denver II Developmental Screening materials.

Your purchase of the Building Blocks of Growth Flash Cards helps ensure that you will have the knowledge retention necessary to accurately screen and assess the pediatric patients in your care. Purchase this item today!

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