APEA Live Webinar Course FAQs

Oct. 9, 2020 APEA staff
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What exactly is a live webinar?

A webinar is a live virtual event that is delivered online. Webinars are a way for participants in many different locations to see and hear a live presentation remotely. Webinar software enables interactive participation through chat boxes and Q&A features. Participants view the presenter and PowerPoint slides via a computer. The participants are not on camera or on speaker; only the presenters are.

APEA uses the Zoom platform to deliver webinars. Learn more, and test your computer connection to Zoom, at this link: https://zoom.us/test

How does an APEA Live Webinar Review Course differ from an APEA Live Onsite Review Course?

The only difference is that you won’t be in the same room with the presenters. APEA Live Webinar Courses provide live — not prerecorded — lectures for 100% of the material otherwise delivered at an APEA Live Onsite Course. APEA Live Webinar Courses also provide live access to the presenters: Amelie Hollier, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, and Mimi Secor, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN. Attendees have ample opportunity to ask questions about the material and about exam preparation, just as they would at an onsite course.

Attendees at an APEA Live Webinar Course receive 100% of the content and features of APEA Live Onsite Courses: identical material, presenters, guarantee, discounts, and supplemental learning materials — plus extended access to APEA faculty and support teams. This extended access includes detailed, personalized Q&A with three expert nurse practitioners during the course. You don't have to log into a Q&A session at another time; it's part of your live webinar course.

Does the APEA Live Webinar Course provide the APEA Live Course Guarantee?

Yes. Participants who attend an APEA Live Webinar Course are eligible for the APEA Live Course Guarantee. You must enter the name you used to register for the event when you sign into the webinar. This is how APEA will track who attended the webinar.

I can’t attend the webinar at the scheduled time. Can I view the webinar at a later date?

The webinar is live; it cannot be viewed at a later date. If you are unable to participate in the live webinar for the course you registered for, you have the following options:

  • Transfer to another 2020 Live Review Course & Clinical Update in live webinar format at a later date. Email questions@apea.com to arrange this transfer.
  • Transfer to an upcoming Live Review Course & Clinical Update scheduled later in the year, after public health recommendations permit group events. Email questions@apea.com to arrange a transfer.
  • Switch to the On-Demand version of the 2020 Live Review Course & Clinical Update (video, audio or MP3). Read about on demand options here

Does the Live Webinar Course provide access to the same course materials as the traditional review course?

Yes. All lectures and supplemental materials provided in association with a live on-site event are provided with the webinar event.

What kind of equipment do I need to access the webinar?

A desktop or laptop computer with standard capabilities. Test your connection to Zoom here: https://zoom.us/test. Please test your speakers before the webinar start time, and make sure your speakers are not muted. (No attendees are visible or audible during the webinar.)

Note: Telephone calls to access the event are not permitted.

Do I need to register with Zoom?

Yes, you must register with Zoom to receive access to the event. You will receive an email invitation from APEA to register for access to the Zoom platform. Registration does NOT require you to create an account. Registration is free. Your sound and video will be automatically muted while you are in the webinar.

How can I learn about Zoom before the webinar?

Visit this link for a tutorial and for answers to commonly asked questions:


What if my internet or computer crashes during the webinar course?

Plan to attend your course in an environment with a reliable internet connection, such as your home or office. If you lose your internet connection, log back into the webinar as soon as you can. Send a message to our moderator using the chat feature and the moderator will assist you in obtaining access to any material missed.

How do I ask a question during the live webinar? Will my question be answered during the presentation?

The Zoom platform includes an easy-to-use question feature. Simply type in the questions you would like to ask, and the moderator will summarize and deliver questions to the presenters. The presenters will answer all questions during the live event.

How will I access my APEA Course Manual for the presentation? When can I expect to receive this?

The course manual is provided in PDF format prior to the start of your webinar course. You will receive an email from APEA 72 hours before the start of the course. The email explains how to access the manual.

I originally chose this review course because it fits my learning style. How will the webinar format meet my learning needs?

The content and delivery of the course material in a live webinar is the same as that provided at a live onsite event. To ensure equivalent education and certification preparation, Dr. Hollier and Dr. Secor deliver identical lectures and slides, and are available to answer all your questions.

Do we get a recording of the webinar?

The webinar is a live event and is not recorded. If you would like to view particular course lectures again, these are available for purchase in the CE Library (search for the “Fundamentals” series).

How will I access the supplemental materials after the course?

Approximately 48 hours after the webinar has ended, APEA will email you detailed instructions for retrieving the supplemental materials. The instructions and materials are the same as that provided after an onsite event.

How will I access my CE certificate after the course?

Approximately 48 hours after the webinar has ended, APEA will email you detailed instructions for completing the contact hours and downloading your CE certificate. The instructions and materials are the same as that provided after an onsite event.


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