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4 Banks to Build Your Knowledge

Providing 3,200 study questions across 4 banks, MyQBank is your foundational study tool. Choose 1 bank of 800 questions or create the combination you need. Access questions on any device, at a great price. Packages start at $64.95!

Pricing Starting at

  • 3,200 total questions
  • 800 questions per bank
  • Choose 1 bank or more
  • Accessible on any device


MyQBank Assessment: Study Questions for
NP Students

Build your understanding of the patient workup: history, chief complaint, physical examination, and diagnostic decision making.


MyQBank Pathophysiology: Study Questions for
NP Students

Learn fundamental concepts in pathophysiology: normal body system functioning, etiology, and pathogenesis. With hundreds of images and tables!


MyQBank Prescribing: Study Questions for
NP Students

Improve your prescribing confidence with questions covering mechanism of action, indications, interactions, efficacy, monitoring, and patient education.


MyQBank Management: Study Questions for
NP Students

Improve clinical reasoning, patient management planning, and your evaluation of treatment outcomes.

Which MyQBank is right for you?

Which describes you? Prescribing Assessment Pathophysiology Management
Planning to take a board exam soon
Taking advanced pharmacology course
Struggling with pharmacology
Seeking more confidence in pharmacology
Taking advanced physical assessment course
Struggling with physical assessment
Seeking more confidence in physical assessment
Taking advanced pathophysiology course
Struggling with pathophysiology
Completed pathophysiology, pharmacology & physical assessment and would like to improve in these areas
Preparing for the 3P exam
Starting my clinicals
Preparing for APEA Predictor Exam
I want all the questions I can get!

Customize your study

Generate questions by subject or randomize

Detailed rationales

Help build critical thinking skills you need to pass the exam

Track your progress

Review your performance over time

Subscription Options

Select from 3 plans
3 Months
$ 64.95
per bank

800 questions per bank

Choose 1 bank or more

3,200 total questions

Accessible on any device

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