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Engaging and Effective NP Live Review Courses

APEA Live Review Courses are taught by doctorally-prepared nurse practitioners who are experienced clinicians and passionate educators. Their dynamic and comprehensive teaching brings together all that you’ve learned in your NP program and makes it easy to retain and apply in practice. Over 25+ years of preparing NPs, APEA has helped more than 157,000 students pass their exams on the first attempt.

NP Live Review Courses deliver:

Guaranteed Success – if you don’t pass, receive a free repeat course

Comprehensive Course Manual

Thorough prep for AANP and ANCC exams

Engaging lectures that maximize comprehension

In-depth Q&A sessions with faculty

Discounts for early bird and group registrations

I found the live webinar review course extremely helpful because the information provided were easy to understand and retain. I also took APEA practice exam which helped me find my readiness for the certification exam also find my knowledge holes and by fiiling those holes I was able to pass my FNP certification exam. Thank you APEA team for such a wonderful learning experience.
Excellent Course.
I took AANP exam (after waiting nearly 6 months after graduation to take the exam) a few months ago and did not pass. I did not do any formal review program, but had done a few hundred practice questions and was scoring approximately 75% on those practice questions. I felt like the exam went okay, but only missed passing by 34 points. I decided to not mess around the second time and purchased the APEA Video Review Course and FNP Predictor Exam. I watched the videos 2-3 times each and took the predictor exam. When I went into the testing center this morning, I did not feel any test anxiety that I had felt prior to the first time I took it. I felt more confident and knew how to approach the questions, what they were asking, and things to look for in each question to help pick out the correct answers. I did not learn any new content from this course, but that is not the intent. If we were learning new material, it would not be a "review" course. We would still be in school.......NO THANKS! I am so grateful to Dr Hollier and all other instructors for putting this together to help those of us who needed the extra little boost. I would recommend this course to every single person before taking the FNP Certification Exam.
Hi there, I attended the live review course in Memphis, Tennessee Aug. 3-4. I graduated Aug. 14th and I am happy to announce that I passed the ANCC exam on October 23, 2023. I could not be more excited and thrilled that I passed on my first attempt.
Good evening, I just wanted to take a quick moment to notify you that I passed, on my first try, the AANP board certification exam for FNPs on Monday 10/9/2023! I took the APEA live review course on August 15th & 16th and allotted myself 6 weeks to review before taking the exam. I found the APEA lectures remarkably helpful in my studies! I also purchased a QBank subscription and a couple of practice exams to help keep me on track. After reviewing each section, I would note all the first-line medications for each disease process within that system and any other important points, such as gold standard diagnostics, or emphasized points I noted during the live review. Thank you all for what you do to support students' successes and I appreciate each of the instructors and their willingness to share their knowledge and expertise!
I passed the AANP exam today on the first attempt. I purchased it around September, I watched her video 3 times. I strongly recommend this course to understand the content, especially for AANP takers. Thank you Amallie, Mimi, and Lindsy for helping me to pass.

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On-Demand Review Courses

Can’t attend a live review course? We also offer recorded courses in video and audio formats, so you can learn on your timetable and in your environment. Bundle them with other evidence-based prep tools for even more impact:


4-6 Weeks

  • APEA Review Course (video or audio)
  • 1 Predictor Exam
  • 1 Practice Test



3 Months

  • APEA Review Course (video or audio)
  • 1 Predictor Exam
  • 3-month access to MyQBank study questions



6 Months

  • 3-month access to MyQBank study questions
  • 1 Predictor Exam
  • 6-month access to MyQBank study questions


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A Better Way to Learn

Supplement your live course or boost your exam prep with practice questions and tests that increase your knowledge and confidence. These evidence-based resources show you exactly where you need to focus for exam day success.

Question Banks

Master the areas fundamental to passing certification exams.

  • 8 total question banks
  • 800+ questions per question bank
  • Detailed answer rationales
  • Progress tracking

Practice Tests

Grow your confidence with the test format.

  • 5 unique tests
  • 100 exam-level questions each
  • Rationales for missed questions
  • Detailed results
  • Identifies knowledge deficits

Predictor Exam

Simulated exam that predicts your likelihood of passing the real one.

  • True certification exam experience
  • 150 questions, timed exam
  • Results broken down into 16 knowledge areas
  • Shows exact areas that need more attention
  • Build confidence knowing you’re ready to pass the real exam

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