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Clinical Briefs Bundle
Comprehensive Clinical Update for Family NPs
Fundamentals of Pediatrics
Fundamentals of Growth and Development
The Gynecologic Exam Step by Step
Chest and Abdominal Xray Interpretation
Extremity X-ray Interpretation
Cost Effective Prescribing
Dangerous Drug Interactions
Diagnosing Anemias Like a Pro
Fundamentals of Hematology
Immunizations: What NPs Need to Know
Contraception: Focus on the CDC Guidelines
Drug Allergies
Evaluation of Elevated Liver Enzymes
Fundamentals of Cardiovascular Health
Fundamentals of Pulmonology
Menopause: Focus on Hot Flashes and VVA/GSM
Polypharmacy in Older Adult Patients
Sneezes, Wheezes & Respiratory Diseases
Cervical Cancer & HPV
Clinical Brief:  Pyelonephritis
Clinical Brief: Acute Bronchitis
Clinical Brief: Acute Gastroenteritis
Clinical Brief: Addison’s Disease
Clinical Brief: Anxiety Disorder
Clinical Brief: Atopic Dermatitis
Clinical Brief: Bacterial Vaginosis
Clinical Brief: Bell's Palsy
Clinical Brief: Chlamydia
Clinical Brief: Colic
Clinical Brief: Concussion
Clinical Brief: Conjunctivitis
Clinical Brief: Deep Vein Thrombosis
Clinical Brief: Diverticulitis