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Family Nurse Practitioner Pass Rates Decline

FNP pass rates drop significantly

Contributing factors include pivoting curriculum delivery and pandemic-related trauma

Certification data for 2022 show that pass rates for family nurse practitioner candidates dropped by 10% on one of the two available exams — the most significant decline in the history of this certification.

Pass rates …

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Implications of Off-Label Prescribing

Implications of Off-Label Prescribing

By Kathy Baldridge, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP

Prescribing medications for off-label use is a common practice. But is it a wise one for nurse practitioners? The term “off label” refers to the practice of prescribing a medication for a condition, population, or in a dosage that has not been …

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Preparing for Boards During & After Covid

How do I make the smartest decision about attending a review course right now? How can I stay focused and motivated if I’m unsure of my testing date?

These are common questions we’re asked by NP students and recent graduates who are navigating the unique challenges of preparing for boards …

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APEA Live Webinar Course FAQs

What exactly is a live webinar?

A webinar is a live virtual event that is delivered online. Webinars are a way for participants in many different locations to see and hear a live presentation remotely. Webinar software enables interactive participation through chat boxes and Q&A features. Participants view the presenter …

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