How does an APEA Live Webinar Course differ from an APEA Live Onsite Review Course?

The only difference is that you won’t be in the same room with the presenters. APEA Live Webinar Courses provide live — not prerecorded — lectures for 100% of the material otherwise delivered at an APEA Live Onsite Course. APEA Live Webinar Courses also provide live access to the presenters. Attendees have ample opportunity to ask questions about the material and about exam preparation, just as they would at an onsite course. The moderator of the webinar course is also available to answer questions.

Attendees at an APEA Live Webinar Course receive 100% of the content and features of APEA Live Onsite Courses: identical material, presenters, guarantee, discounts, and supplemental learning materials — plus direct live access to APEA faculty and support teams. This extended access includes detailed, personalized Q&A with three expert nurse practitioners during the course. You don't have to log into a Q&A session at another time; it's part of your live webinar course.

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