Dermatology DDx Deck

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The eagerly awaited 3rd edition is now available! Forty percent of the images are new to this edition—including more images representing skin of color.

It's DDX to go! This unique product is a completely portable, uniquely convenient diagnostic tool. It's a deck of laminated cards linked together at one corner, much like a collection of color samples. The Dermatology DDxDeck allows you to compare potential diagnoses visually, side by side, without the need to flip back and forth between different pages. Each card includes a full-color image and information about the diagnosis, as well as cross references to other potential diagnoses. Small enough to fit in your pocket, this is the perfect reference for those on the front line of dermatological diagnosis in primary care.

Key Features

  • Provides reliable, practical, and efficient guidance for the diagnosis and treatment of more than 160 of the most common dermatologic disorders
  • Provides clinical tips from skin experts
  • Allows you to quickly access all the information you need to make the most accurate diagnosis
  • Allows you to educate patients in the exam room
  • Provides in-depth visual coverage with multiple clinical images of each disorder
  • Includes all the fundamentals of acne, eczema, and psoriasis

Title: Dermatology DDx Deck

Authors: Thomas P. Habif, James L. Campbell, Jr., M. Shane Chapman, James G. H. Dinulos, Katheryn A. Zug

3rd Edition


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