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Amelie's Antibiotic Cards

Pediatric Antibiotic Guide

Pharm in a Flash!

Building Blocks Flash Cards

Building Blocks Guide to Growth & Development

Guide to Billing & Coding in the Outpatient Setting

Topical Steroid Prescribing Guide

Tool to Identify Myocardial Infarction


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MUST HAVES FOR STARTING YOUR PRACTICE! Four essential products at one amazing price!

Amelie's Antibiotic Cards:

Amelie’s Antibiotic Cards (2020) have been a best-selling prescribing resource for more than 15 years. Thousands of NPs and NP students have used the cards to cement their knowledge and understanding of antibiotic selection.

This resource consists of six two-sided cards that are spiral bound for easy transport in a lab coat pocket. The cards are printed on heavy card stock to ensure they hold up to repeated use in the clinic or classroom. Customers often describe the cards as a foundation for decision making about antibiotic therapy.

This product contains: 6 pages showing antibiotic coverage according to class (penicillin, tetracycline, sulfonamide, cephalosporin, fluoroquinolone, macrolide, imidazolidinedione, nitroimidazole, lincosamide, oxazolidinone, glycopeptide); 2 pages showing likely bacterial pathogens by site; 1 page listing common bacterial organisms; and 2 pages listing common antibiotic drugs by generic and brand name.

Amelie’s Antibiotic Cards improve understanding and application of antibiotic prescribing principles. Information is organized to resemble how NPs should approach prescribing: with attention to class, coverage and organism. Add this important tool to your prescribing library today!

Click here to see Dr. Hollier describe how to use Amelie’s Antibiotic Cards!

The Clinician's Guide to Laboratory Medicine:

The Clinician's Guide to Laboratory Medicine (MD2B, 4th edition, 2020) provides the tools necessary to meet the challenges of interpreting laboratory testing results. This title has been a popular reference for more than 20 years. Highlights of the newest edition include:

Unique step-by-step approaches to lab test interpretation, updated to reflect the latest advances in laboratory medicine

Completely redesigned algorithms to allow quick access to essential information at the point of care

New "Patient Safety Tips" feature to prevent errors in test ordering, interpretation, and patient management

Hundreds of user-friendly tables

Evidence-based recommendations to optimize the delivery of care

Cost effective approaches that incorporate current guidelines

More than twice the number of pages in the previous edition

Larger point size than the previous edition

Instant Workups: Clinical Guide to Medicine:

A quick and easy guide to developing accurate workups for the most common medical problems.

Instant Workups: Clinical Guide to Medicine (Elsevier, 2nd edition, 2016) is a portable pocket resource and quick refresher that helps you develop and refine your diagnostic skills. Practical and easy to use, it provides clear workup plans for the 70 most commonly encountered medical conditions, providing you with quick, focused guidance with the flexibility to adapt to each unique patient. Topics are organized alphabetically and cover the signs, symptoms, and abnormal lab readings for each condition. Replace information taken from memory or multiple references with one concise, indispensable book so you can make accurate diagnoses in less time!

Covers the 70 most commonly encountered medical conditions to provide you with a practical and useful manual for daily practice.

Reflects how a patient actually presents with an organization by presenting sign, symptom, or lab abnormality.

Includes a brief background discussion on each topic, followed by lists of important related materials (such as medications that may contribute to each condition) and laboratory and/or radiographic tests to be ordered.

Describes each diagnostic test so you can refresh or familiarize yourself with the purpose of the test.

Provides a sound framework for building a workup with algorithms for each topic.

BONUS! A FREE eBook version is included with your purchase of this book. A unique code is included inside each book. Follow the instructions listed on the inside cover and unlock your eBook.

Billing & Coding in the Outpatient Setting

Billing & Coding in the Outpatient Setting (APEA, 2022) is a quick reference guide to significant new changes in the Evaluation and Management (E/M) codes for inpatient office visits. These changes, which took effect Jan. 21, 2021, have far-reaching impacts on daily documentation and clinical practice. This book replaces the card set previously published by APEA (APEA Guide to Billing & Coding).

Billing & Coding in the Outpatient Setting is a concise but comprehensive reference for the exam room and office. It's portable and packed with key points NPs need to provide accurate and comprehensive documentation that supports services rendered and justifies reimbursement for the fees submitted.

Book contents include:

Determining whether the visit is for a New or Established Patient

Determining whether the E/M code should be based on Medical Decision Making or Time

How to document appropriately and how to avoid common documentation pitfalls

Tips for reimbursement

Recommendations for credentialing in order to bill for services

Telemedicine information

Incident-to billing information

Durable medical equipement information

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Title: Amelie’s Antibiotic Cards

Author: Amelie Hollier, FNP, FNP-BC, FAANP

Published: 2020

Title: Clinician’s Guide to Laboratory Medicine

Author: Samir P. Desai, MD

Date Published: 2020

Soft Cover

461 pages

Title: Instant Workups: A Clinical Guide to Medicine Second Edition

Author: Theodore X. O’Connell, MD

Published Date: 2016

Soft Cover

438 pages

Title: Billing & Coding In the Outpatient Setting

Author: Kathy Baldridge, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP

Copyright: 2022

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