Topical Steroid Prescribing Guide

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APEA's treasured guide to prescribing and dispensing topical steroids has been redesigned and expanded. The new Topical Steroid Prescribing Guide, published in April 2020, provides information and instruction for writing prescriptions across age groups and for all parts of the body appropriate for topical steroid treatment. This comprehensive information is contained in an easy-to-use compact guide that fits in your lab coat pocket! Dosage decisions for topical steroids are based on the affected body part, the age of the patient, and the length of treatment. The tables in the Topical Steroid Prescribing Guide list the most commonly prescribed steroid preparations and classify them according to potency. For each medication, the tables list the vehicle and available forms. The Topical Steroid Prescribing Guide also contains color-coded illustrations and tables to guide you in the decision making process. Published April 2020

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