What is CareOnPoint?

CareOnPoint is a mobile reference that puts evidence-based care at your fingertips and ensures that your clinical decision-making is "on point!" Get concise diagnosis and treatment information on hundreds of patient presentations — including prescribing information, images and reference tables. With CareOnPoint, you can make clinical decisions quickly, based on current evidence. And, you can earn contact hours as you use it! Learn more in this video.

Online Access

CareOnPoint contains 100% of the content in APEA's Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care — plus additional diagnoses and information. You loved it as a book; you'll love it even more online. Faster and more powerful, CareOnPoint lets you diagnose with a single search. In today's clinic, CareOnPoint is the way to go! It's accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Earn Contact Hours

Earn contact hours and pharmacology hours while taking care of patients. On the front-end, it's quick access to the information you need. On the back end, CareOnPoint keeps track of your searches, allowing you to earn contact hours and pharmacology hours while you take care of your patients. Each search is logged and awarded contact hours and pharm hours based on content. Click and print your CE Certificates.


Comprehensive and concise, CareOnPoint gets you the information you're searching for at the click of a button. Enter a term, diagnosis, or medication into the search bar and CareOnPoint finds it. CareOnPoint gets right to the point with left screen navigation that takes you directly to the information you need. Comprehensive and concise, CareOnPoint gets you the information you're searching for at the click of a button.

Evidence-Based and Peer-Reviewed

Content you trust. Essential diagnosis and patient management tools for evidence-based practice. Peer reviewed by experts in each field. Updated as new information becomes available.

Graphics and Tables

Pharmacology tables at your fingertips. Anatomical illustrations, reference tables! Constantly updated, concise, and always at your fingertips. Specific dosing information by generic and trade names. Everything you need for treating patients or studying for an exam. Brilliant graphics. Detailed and labeled in beautiful color. Use for patient education or just to get a better look.


An invaluable resource tool at a price that fits every budget. Cost effective and value packed. CareOnPoint's affordability will astound you, but its true value is in how quickly and easily you will access the information you need to care for your patients.

30 Day Trial*: $15

1 Year Subscription: $149

2 Year Subscription: $249

*Contact hours cannot be earned with Trial version