Clinician's Guide to Laboratory Medicine

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The Clinician's Guide to Laboratory Medicine (4th edition) provides the tools necessary to meet the challenges of interpreting laboratory testing results. This title has been a popular reference for more than 20 years.

Highlights of the newest edition include:

  • Unique step-by-step approaches to lab test interpretation, updated to reflect the latest advances in laboratory medicine
  • Completely redesigned algorithms to allow quick access to essential information at the point of care
  • New "Patient Safety Tips" feature to prevent errors in test ordering, interpretation, and patient management
  • Hundreds of user-friendly tables
  • Evidence-based recommendations to optimize the delivery of care
  • Cost effective approaches that incorporate current guidelines
  • More than twice the number of pages in the previous edition
  • Larger point size than the previous edition

Click HERE to learn how to best use this book in the clinical setting! Title:  Clinician’s Guide to Laboratory Medicine Author:  Samir P. Desai, MD Date Published:  2020 Soft Cover 461 pages

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