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Updated and Reorganized to Reflect New Trends in Antibiotic Resistance

New for 2020! This valued pocket resource for learning and prescribing antibiotics has been redesigned and reorganized to bring users up-to-date on current evidence. Amelie’s Antibiotic Cards* have been updated to reflect documented trends in antibiotic resistance. Knowledge of resistance trends is essential to making appropriate antibiotic selections and to treating patients correctly and effectively.

Amelie’s Antibiotic Cards have been a best-selling prescribing resource for more than 15 years. Thousands of NPs and NP students have used the cards to cement their knowledge and understanding of antibiotic selection. The creator of the product is Amelie Hollier, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, the beloved presenter of all APEA live course review courses. Dr. Hollier last updated the cards in 2018 to reflect new antibiotic classes and medications. She made further updates in 2020 to share information about important trends in antibiotic resistance. In conjunction with these essential updates, Dr. Hollier worked with the APEA design team to create an exciting new visual presentation for the cards.

Amelie’s Antibiotic Cards consist of six two-sided cards that are spiral bound for easy transport in a lab coat pocket. The cards are printed on heavy card stock to ensure they hold up to repeated use in the clinic or classroom. Customers often describe the cards as a foundation for decision making about antibiotic therapy. 

This product contains: 6 pages showing antibiotic coverage according to class (penicillin, tetracycline, sulfonamide, cephalosporin, fluoroquinolone, macrolide, imidazolidinedione, nitroimidazole, lincosamide, oxazolidinone, glycopeptide); 2 pages showing likely bacterial pathogens by site; 1 page listing common bacterial organisms; and 2 pages listing common antibiotic drugs by generic and brand name.

Amelie’s Antibiotic Cards improve understanding and application of antibiotic prescribing principles. Information is organized to resemble how NPs should approach prescribing: with attention to class, coverage and organism. Add this important tool to your prescribing library today!

Click here to see Dr. Hollier describe how to use Amelie’s Antibiotic Cards! And don’t miss the Look Inside feature at the top of this page! 

*All sales of this product are final.

Title: Amelie’s Antibiotic Cards

Author: Amelie Hollier, FNP, FNP-BC, FAANP

Published: 2020

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