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marie M Merveille Verified Purchase
October 16, 2019

I passed the AANP exam. Amelie Hollier was in my hears and mind throughout my exam. Definitely, I will go back to her lectures to keep up with Clinical Updates.

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Stefanie Hook
October 08, 2019

Thank you so much. I passed the AANP certification exam today. Your on line demand review classes are just what I needed!

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Michael Jacobs Verified Purchase
October 02, 2019

I used Amelie Hollier's review course and practice questions book as one of my two main sources of studying for my FNP certification exam. I highly recommend these products for those studying for this exam. The review course lectures are clearly laid out, concise, and packed with the information that you will need for the exam. It truly teaches you to the test, and teaches you what you need to know to be successful on the exam. Almost every question on my exam had been covered in Dr. Hollier's review. She also gives valuable advice on exam strategies. When I started my exam, and got about 5 questions in, I smiled and felt a sense of relief and felt my anxiety decrease, as it became clear to me that I was prepared. I had a grasp of all the material, as I had been over it via these resources. I recommend the APEA predictor exams as well; I took 3 of them, and they give you a good sense of how prepared you are at a given time. I also will complement APEA on their personal touch and concern for students, as I received several personal email responses addressing questions and concerns that I had about the exam. The material and content that you need to pass you FNP exam is included in the Hollier review. If you put the time in studying it and mastering it, you WILL pass. Thanks Dr. Hollier!!!

Categories: Review Courses
Mason Reiter
October 01, 2019

The APEA review courses are a must whether you are using them solely or as an additional resource. Everything you need to know (and more) is covered. You are guaranteed to be successful - I am more confident than ever with the knowledge I've obtained that helped me pass certification and will continue utilizing throughout clinical practice. The APEA team truly cares about each future and current NP that attends a course or utilizes their resources!

Categories: Review Courses
Brittany Tyson Verified Purchase
October 01, 2019

Thank you for your expertise and guidance! The Live Review Course was motivating and insightful! I PASSED the AANP exam!! WOOHOO!!

Categories: Review Courses
Sonia Mae Garcia Verified Purchase
September 28, 2019

I passed the AANP-FNP exam. The online review helped me so much preparation for the exam as well as for clinicians. Thank you Amelie!

Categories: Review Courses
Barbara Ballard
September 24, 2019

I passed my certification exam after taking 2 predictor exams to help me prepare. I also took APEA's review course. Both will definitely prepare you for the exam. I want to thank APEA for offering such an amazing intense course . Thank you so much!!!!!

Categories: Predictor Exams
Shana Roark
September 24, 2019

Great conference!!

Karis S Verified Purchase
September 19, 2019

I highly recommend the 2-day review. I also utilized APEA's online materials. I took APEA's predictor exam which indicated I was likely to pass. I have successfully passed the AANP FNP exam on my first attempt. I have no doubt that it was due to the quality of the information presented by Dr. Amelie and Dr. Mimi.

Categories: Review Courses
Deby Hermann
September 14, 2019

I took this course and studied the material. This course was very informative and enjoyable. Amelie and Mimi were amazing throughout the entire course. I learned so much stuff that was not explained while in school. I recommend this class to anyone who is preparing for the exam whether it be the ANCC or the AANP. I took the course August 4th and night before my exam took the predictor exam and scored high. I felt more confident sitting for the exam the next morning. I passed the ANCC exam and I am now ready to continue my learning and practice as a FNP. Thank you so much Amelie and Mimi. I look forward to taking your courses again and again.

Categories: Review Courses
Rebecca Hale
September 12, 2019

I went to the live review in july, graduated aug 14, began studying this material and watched the videos, did tons of qbank exams on all body systems, did 3 examedge exams, paid for the 2 PSI predictor exams and passed so the next day on 8/30 did my AANP exam and passed. Several of the material covered was on the exam, these questions prepared me for the exam and i feel i wouldnt have passed had i not studied this material. I am very thankful for this course. Thank yall!

Categories: Review Courses
A Google User
September 12, 2019

Very informative with excellent presentation.

Russell Balcuns Verified Purchase
September 10, 2019

Thank you Mimi and Amelie. What a fantastic, dynamic, engaging and informative program. You guys hit all the main points in an easy to understand manner and in a brief, no nonsense review. This course was exactly what I needed. APEA is a wonderful program and instrumental in helping me prepare for my exam. I credit you guys for helping me along my way on a successful journey toward FNP. I was able to go in and take that exam with confidence and can now call myself an APRN, FNP!

Categories: Review Courses
LaToya E
September 09, 2019

Awesome review! Worth time and travel! Amelia and her staff are phenomenal educators! The review was very entertaining and the course book was easy to understand. It's a lot of information in 2 days but definitely worth it. I would highly reccomend doing a review or online course and a predictor exams! Thank you again!

Categories: Review Courses
Valerie Davis
September 05, 2019

Fantastic course. Well worth the time and travel.

Alana V.
September 05, 2019

Absolutely! Great program with attention keeping teaching!

Categories: Review Courses
Dana Tozzi
September 05, 2019

The APEA review was absolutely fantastic! If you can only afford one study tool- this is it! I passed my boards last week. I attended a live review, watched all the videos twice, and did all of the practice questions. I also followed along with the syllabus and used them to study from. The review videos are amazing!!! I also did practice questions from other sources too but to learn the material and really know and understand it well- APEA! I was unable to take the exam right after graduation and had to wait two months and I still passed my boards on the first try- thanks to Amelie and the APEA team! If you study and know what’s in the videos and syllabus- you will absolutely pass! Probably 98% of my exam questions were covered in the APEA videos/syllabus. It’s a lot of information- you really have to study all of it- but if you do, you’ll pass your boards and be successful. Amelie gives you all of the tools- if you use them and put the time in- you will pass the exam and will only need to take it once! I cannot say enough about how great APEA is and how much I learned. APEA is amazing!

Categories: Review Courses
Elana Harris
September 04, 2019

This is the most informative conference I have attended. The instructors obviously had book knowledge and real world experience in nursing. I am eager to read the literature I purchased.

Categories: Review Courses
Sarah Bedi
August 30, 2019

Yes, I absolutely would. Highly recommend it.

Daniela Bonea
August 29, 2019

Wonderful presentation! I loved Amelie's energetic approach and her knowledge. She kept my interest and my attention at all times.